Samoa is at the centre of the world’s biggest, deepest ocean, the South Pacific. It is one of the principal Polynesian nations.

Samoa lies two-thirds of the way between Hawaii (4,000km of ocean away) and New Zealand. To the south west lie the Fijian islands and to the south east the Cook Islands and Tahiti. It is south of the Equator and immediately west of the international date line. Samoa is located on the Western side of the dateline, in line with Australia and New Zealand.

Its closest neighbour is American Samoa but, though the islanders of both nations are closely related, this is a completely separate entity. (Western) Samoa is also sometimes called Independent Samoa. American Samoa is east of the International dateline, whereas Samoa is West, it is therefore possible to experience the same day twice by journeying from one island to the other, a unique experience!

Altogether, Samoa consists of ten breathtakingly stunning islands, though six of these are uninhabited, the two main islands are Upolu and Savaii.