Travel trends come and go, but as anyone selling holidays knows, one thing remains constant. This is each and every customer who buys a trip from you returns from their few days away happy, relaxed and having had the time of their life.

Happy customers come back... and they tell their friends. In today's world they'll be posting reviews online and sharing with their virtual audience - word of mouth has never been more powerful than it is today.

As chairman of Elite Island Resorts I've always believed in the power of travel professionals. It's your word of mouth recommendations that matter more than ever. Whether it's an overseas wedding, a young family or a couple planning a retirement break - your customers trust you to get it right for them. Matching them up with the perfect place to stay is a great responsibility.
It matters to me that we get it right for every single person who stays with us. And that commitment to getting it right is about many things - friendly service from the staff, a really comfortable bed to sleep in, ocean views to make your jaw drop, delicious food, imaginative entertainment...myself and the entire team at Elite Island Resorts believe all these things come together to create a week or two of magic.

Pictures and words on a page can't do any of our resorts justice. But I hope that this training course to all our properties will go some way towards keeping us front of mind whenever you are selling a Caribbean dream - Think Caribbean, Think Elite!


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