Frequently Asked Questions



What is my baggage allowance?

From Europe to Mexico, Central & South America (except Brazil) :

Clase Premier


2 Pieces at 32 Kilos (per piece)

1 Piece at 23 Kilos (per piece)


For further details please visit


What are the charges for excess baggage?

Excess baggage 

 Price per piece

2nd Piece

80 GBP

3rd - 4th  Piece

180 GBP

5th - 7th Piece

220 GBP


250 GBP


Extra luggage can be purchased by visiting or by calling our Call Centres.  Click here for further information.



What are the charges for sports equipment?

One piece of sporting equipment may be exchanged for one allowed piece without excess baggage charges. However, some equipment is exempt from this rule.

The chart below indicates articles and charges.



May be exchanged for one allowed piece without excess charges 


150 GBP


Windsurfing Equipment

150 GBP


Diving Gear***

150 GBP


Hunting Gear

150 GBP


Fishing Gear or Coolers***

150 GBP


Gold Bag***

150 GBP


Sky Equipment

150 GBP


Polo Equipment

150 GBP


Hockey Equipment

150 GBP


Water ski Equipment

150 GBP


Musical Instrument***

150 GBP


*** One of these pieces of sports equipment may be exchanged free of charge for one allowed piece without representing excess baggage. For musical instruments, the client may choose to carry it as hand luggage provided that it does not exceed the limits (height, width, length) 1.15m or to check it in (These are not applicable between México and USA/Canada).


I am travelling with my family. Does my infant have a baggage allowance?

Passengers travelling with infants can check-in an additional bag of up to 20 kg as well as a bassinet or stroller.


I want to travel in business class but have purchased an economy ticket. How do I upgrade?

Upgrades are available to purchase online through our website

 Alternatively you can contact our Call CentresClick here for further information.


 What is Aeromexico's UMNR procedure?

  • Unaccompanied minors are defined as all children between 5 years and 13 years 11 months travelling without an adult on direct or connecting flights operated by Aeromexico.
  • The Unaccompanied Minor Service does not apply to minors aged between 14 years and 17 years 11 months. Unaccompanied minors are only allowed to fly on the condition that both the parent/guardian and the unaccompanied minor sign the Unaccompanied Minor Form stating that they will follow all procedures and instructions given by Aeromexico personnel.
  • U.S. citizens aged between 14 and 21 years are only allowed to fly on the condition that both the parent/guardian and the unaccompanied minor sign the Unaccompanied Minor Form stating that they will follow all procedures and instructions given by Aeromexico personnel. ​


What is the procedure for pregnant passengers?

The reference guide for pregnant customers is highlighted below;

Pregnancy Type

Customer notification letter

Medical Certificate

1 to 29 gestation weeks



30 – 37 weeks



High-risk pregnancy



There will be a requirement for you to sign a customer notification letter which leaves you with any liability. Also at some stages of pregnancy, you will be required to present a medical certificate. We are happy to transport customers, but our forefront is always in your safety.


How are penalties charged for in the GDS?

Penalties are charged via EMD with sub code 98F and RFI code D


Is it possible to downgrade on fares?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.


What is Aeromexico’s procedure for name changes or corrections and does it apply to all tickets?

All name corrections that do not involve a change of itinerary are free of charge, regardless of whether the system synchronises the PNR-VCR automatically or a ticket reissue is required. However, this does not apply to any BT or IT fares issued via a travel agency or third party.

Types of name corrections

a) Changing 1 to 3 letters or spaces in the first or last name; for example, HERNANDEZ/JESSICA for FERNANDEZ/YESSICA

b) First and/or last names inverted; e.g. GARCIA MORA/ROSA MARIA for MORA GARCIA/MARIA ROSA

c) Maiden vs. married name (may require a copy of the government-issued ID, as applicable); e.g. DEKELLER/MARIA for SANCHEZDEKELLER/MARIA

Name change fees are not exempt from the fare difference fee and/or change fee, which may be incurred for the flight, date, and/or route for modifying the itinerary. This fee must be charged with the corresponding process, including other applicable fees.

The name change fee is issued as an Ancillary charge.


How can AM plus be purchased and what are the benefits?

AM plus can be purchased through our Call Centre on UK | 0800 977 5533 | Ireland 1 800 855 474 as well as by purchasing online at using your booking reference.

Benefits of AM plus

  • Priority check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Priority baggage handling
  • AM plus seat


What is the time limit to request special meals?

Minimum 24 hours before flight departure.



*Please note. All prices and terms are subject to change at any time and are with accordance to Aeromexico policy, terms and conditions. For further information, please visit our website