Worldspan - Introduction

Price: € 240
Duration: 45 heures

This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Wordspan system.
It is perfect for a beginner as it gives you 45 hours of training time.
This course includes: Flight Reservations, Automated Fares & Ticketing, Car Hire & Hotel Reservations

Subjects Covered

Lesson 1 — Course Intro, Sine In and Out, Encode and Decode Cities, Airports and Airlines
Lesson 2 — PNR Retrieval
Lesson 3 — Availability, Flight Service Info, Codeshares, Alliances and Low Cost Carriers
Lesson 4 — Advanced Flight Availability
Lesson 5 — Book Flights, Enter Basic PNR Fields
Lesson 6 — Forms of Payment, Remarks, Addresses, GFAX Messages, Advance Passenger Information
Lesson 7 — Cancel and Rebook Flights, Change and Delete Psgr Data
Exercise 1 — Practice of entries taught in Lessons 1-7
Quiz 1 — Questions on the material covered in Lessons 1-7
Lesson 8 — Seat maps, seat assignment
Lesson 9 — Car Availability
Lesson 10 — Car Sell, Modify Car Segment
Lesson 11 — General Car Information Displays, Car Location Displays, Car Rules, Car Details
Lesson 12 — Hotel List, Hotel Details, Hotel Availability, Hotel Rate Rules
Lesson 13 — Booking a Hotel Room
Exercise 2 — Practice of entries taught in Lessons 8-13
Quiz 2 — Questions on the material covered in Lessons 8-13
Lesson 14 — Fare displays and fare rules
Lesson 15 — Itinerary pricing
Lesson 16 — Ticketing
Lesson 17 — Queues
Lesson 18 — Reduce and divide PNR
Lesson 19 — Currency, calculator, date and time, switch work areas
Lesson 20 — Worldspan HELP, INFO, reference system
Exercise 3 — Practice of entries taught in Lessons 14-20
Quiz 3 — Questions on the material covered in Lessons 14-20
Exam 1 — Final Assessment Exam
Emulator — Worldspan Emulator

Included in this Course:

  • Training account creation
  • 6 months access to your Training account
  • 45 hours allocated time to complete your course within the 6 months access period
  • 20 lessons + 3 quizzes + 3 exercises + 1 final exam
  • Exercises in freeform Worldspan emulator
  • Access to huge database of GDS data
  • Free certificate*
  • Technical support

Additional information:

  • You need more hours to take and pass your course? OTT offers packages of 5 or 10 additional hours that you can buy directly online!
  • And if you haven’t finished your course within 6 months? Don’t worry, you can buy an extra 1 months access online.
  • All the courses and exam are online, there is no software to install, you only need internet access!

* We are an approved reseller of the Viasinc GDS training programme and therefore we are authorised to issue certificates for Worldspan. You need to pass the first five final exams with 85% or above to receive the certificate.
Don’t forget that you can take the exam as many times as you need, so long as it is within your available training hours.