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Work Place skills training

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Work Place skills training

Price: £40
Duration: 10 hrs

Introduction to Soft Skills Training has been specifically designed to provide contact centre agents the opportunity to improve their overall work performance. Training is divided into categories allowing users to choose the areas that require development.

Package includes:

Customer Service - managing emotional states, complaint handling, first impressions, etc
Inbound Sales - the psychology of persuasion, first impressions, up-selling, etc
Outbound Sales skills - opening, voice quality, persuasion techniques, overcoming objections, closing, etc.
Training is provided in the form of online video and audio clips. Users pre-select topics required to produce a personalised training plan. This can be revisited or amended as required.
A total of 10 hours training is available in this package.

Course Content

Customer Service:

First Impressions
How to Say it
Managing Emotional States
Victim and Empowered Words
Customer Complaints
Angry or Irate Customers
More than an Mouthpiece

Inbound Sales:

First Impressions
How to Say it
Persuasion Psychology
Up-selling and Cross-selling
More than a mouthpiece

Outbound Sales:

Introduction to Persuasion
The Opening
How to Say It
Building Buying Desire
Presenting your Product
Customer Reluctance