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Learn2Book Course

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Learn2Book Course

Price: £199
Duration: 6 mths

Learn2CheckIn offers you SO much more than a standard check-in.

You will be able to study the following 17 topics:

- Basic check-in
- Select seats manually
- Apply excess baggage charges
- Group check-in
- Infant check in
- Creating a group
- Processing no records
- Adding a bag
- Lost boarding cards
- Changing seats
- Arrange a meet and assist
- Using the list
- Offloading passengers
- Blind passengers
- Final check in before boarding
- Boarding
- Missing passengers

>>>Yes, all of these scenarios are common occurrences at an airport, so we are going to teach you how to deal with them using our simulated software. Now, I'm sure you'll agree that Learn2CheckIn sounds very exciting and great fun, but there's more!

Learn2CheckIn is also supplemented by an extensive handbook with over 400 pages! Working at an airport involves a whole lot more than checking-in passengers and boarding flights, so this handbook covers a range of topics which includes among others:
- Special passengers
- Hand baggage and hold baggage
- Missing baggage
- Flight arrivals
- Customer service and conflict management
- Airport security
- Passports and visas

>>>So, after completing the software and using the handbook, you will know everything you need to know about working in an airport.

A recruitment manual is also included with your Learn2CheckIn course that will help you get your dream job at the airport. It's been estimated that 75% of all those applying to work as a Passenger Agent at an airport are unsuccessful, so we want to help you be one of the lucky 25%!

So, what's in the recruitment manual? Included in the manual is:

- Jet Air Services uniform standards to give you some idea of what we expect from our staff and how to wow an airline at interview!
- A copy of the Jet Air Services application form and a guide on how to complete it to make you stand out from the crowd!
- A guide to the Jet Air Services interview including a copy of the test we ask candidates to complete. Again, it comes with a comprehensive guide to help you land your dream job!

>>>The Learn2CheckIn is hosted in TalentLMS- a virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a totally web based system with no complex software to install.


All of the sessions in Learn2CheckIn are supplemented by a test to ensure learning has taken place.

If you successfully complete the course, you will receive a certificate recognised by the industry.

Learn2Book is a fantastic course which allows you to make package holiday bookings EXACTLYas you would if you were working in travel agents.

Indeed this training will teach you how to use Viewdata through the following 14 sessions:

What is Learn2Book
Working with the system
Accessing the system
New bookings
Booking children
Self-catering holidays
Flight only bookings
Free child searches
Accommodation searches
Late searches
Allocation on arrival
Administration and information

>>>All these 14 sessions cover a wide variety of customer scenarios.

Learn2Book package includes:

-Learn2Book software and a 6 months licence
-Learn2Book RolePlay
-A 232 page Student Handbook
-A Quick Start Guide
-A Quick Reference Guide
-Customer Enquiry Forms
-Booking Forms
-A full Summer Sun brochure to make learning more realistic

>>>All support material is supplied as PDF files

The Learn2Book Viewdata simulator provides realistic training to prepare students sufficiently to use live viewdata holiday booking systems widely used within travel agencies. The system is based on the common features of the mass market tour operators' reservation systems to ensure that your students will feel they are booking holidays on a live system.

>>>Once you will be able to use Learn2Book, you will be able to book holidays to any travel agent’s Viewdata system!


At the end of all of the Learn2Book sessions, there is a pre assessment and 7 assessments.

Achieving each assessment at 80% or above you will receive an industry recognisedcertificate.