Rewards & Achievements

Win Prizes with OTT

With OTT our Agents can choose from a variety of our travel product training courses, register for free and pass to be eligible to download a personalised certificate and be entered into the prize draw offered with that course.

Majority of our courses offer exciting prizes to be won from well known travel brands. Prizes vary from monthly draws, single draws for the life of the course or for every pass. Our Agents can complete as many courses as they would like. The more courses passed, the more chances they have of winning amazing prizes such as Fam Trips, vouchers and flight tickets.

OTT is excited when our Agents pass courses and we want our Agents to celebrate their success so OTT rewards Agents for sharing, liking, tweeting, commenting and rating with small treats to encourage our Agents to keep passing, winning and celebrating. Click here to see all course prizes.


To encourage our Agents to pass more courses we offer a variety of online badges members can collect. OTT's achievement badges are rewards around specific skill sets so members can become experts eg. Pass 4 destination courses for the Explorer badge, pass 3 Airline courses to become a Pilot. We have over 30 badges available with many more to come.

For more information about gamification options speak to your account manager or mail us on [email protected]