OTT Customised Solutions

OTT Customised Solutions

As the leading e-learning and marketing platform for the travel and tourism industry worldwide, OTT continues to innovate and launch products that allow our partners to maximise the reach and effectiveness of their product training.

OTT eLearning

Reach and teach more than 125,000 travel agents worldwide, or target a specific agent group, such as home-based, independent, leisure etc. and help increase your sales and brand awareness. OTT provide the world's’ largest e-learning and marketing platform for travel suppliers to train and educate travel sellers worldwide. Creating and launching a course with data driven marketing online is easy to set up and is the most cost effective way to reach more travel agents, more often.

Your eLearning Course includes: Course Set Up and Hosting and the number of modules to display your course content, Your competition to engage and incentives agents, unique url for use in your own marketing communications providing a measurable call to action, Account Manager providing support and best practice advice and comprehensive analytics and reporting and much more.

OTT Campaigns

An OTT Campaign is the fast and effective way to reach over 125,000 Travel Agents. Product Launches, Openings and Incentives, to name but a few, can all be supported using Campaigns. Campaigns are short courses that can be created and implemented quickly and removed after the desired period of activity. This tactical efficiency allows marketers to quickly deploy a message to the travel trade that is both creative and measurable. As a stand alone channel or as part of an integrated campaign with other digital communication activity, this is an effective and flexible option of travel suppliers looking to boost their awareness and drive measurable results.

OTT Academy

OTT provides a unique opportunity for travel agencies, consortia and other travel media groups to be able to choose from any of the Product Training Courses to create and display a relevant portfolio of courses specifically targeted to their audience. The Academy is ideally suited to travel agencies or consortia who want to provide specific training for their travel agents.

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OTT Premium Academy

For larger travel agencies groups and consortia the OTT Premium Academy offers a more comprehensive and bespoke solution. Collaboratively designed to fit your brand guidelines, unlimited number of courses featuring multimedia content and gamification, a responsive design suitable for tablet and mobile give an engaging and effective end user experience. The Premium Academy providers trainers with an effective platform for efficiently managing the training requirements of their business. Choose from over 200 OTT product courses, add and create courses unique to your organisation with OTT's support and advice. Quick and easily set up with the functionality to incorporate bespoke analytics, SEO, registration or data collection requirements, marketing channels including blog and social channels.