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Train Agents and increase sales with our powerful eLearning platform and data driven marketing packages!

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Key Benefits

  • Increase Sales

    Grow revenue by giving Agents the product knowledge they need to increase sales. Prizes and rewards make OTT the most popular travel training platform worldwide. OTT courses are a vital element to any sales tool kit.

  • Cost efficiency

    Digital technology allows you to reduce costs through effective targeting and segmenting of your audience. Tailor your course and marketing to connect with Agents across 192 countries in 15 different languages.


    We guarantee a minimum of 500 course passes for each new course.We guarantee a minimum of 500 course passes for each new course.

  • Boost Brand Awareness

    Trusted by over 200 travel suppliers OTT is used by 125,000 travel agents worldwide. Deepen their understanding of your brand with engaging and content rich courses.


    50% of members will take a second course or more with OTT.

Key Features

  • Efficient Distribution

    OTT is a single entry community platform accessed by some of the largest global travel brands. OTT global reach optimises communication across multiple sites and languages providing consistent and clear messaging for the Agent community.

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  • Reporting & Analytics

    Accurate reporting provides management data to measure the effectiveness of courses and help you drive performance.


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  • Content Management System

    Easy-to-use, our CMS allows you to create high quality product training courses with supreme efficiency. Update and refresh your courses anytime from anywhere on our cloud-based platform.


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  • Online Marketing

    Grow your Agent Network with effective email campaigns, sponsorship opportunities and social media activities. Combine a variety of channels to create effective integrated campaigns.

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  • Account Management

    OTT provides training and unlimited support from your dedicated Account Manager. Friendly and expert advice will give you the support you need to create successful training courses online.

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  • Gamification & Rewards

    Rich content, fun prizes and the opportunity to gain rewards motivate Agents to make time for training. Nearly all Agents who complete our courses spend on average 20 mins per course.

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To arrange a free course trial or for a demo please call us on +44(0)207 812 3800

You’re in good company

OTT works with media providers and travel agencies worldwide to help our travel suppliers reach over 125,000+ travel professionals globally.

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OTT Customised Solutions

OTT has leveraged inhouse technology to provide unique solutions that enable travel suppliers to continue to reach and engage with the travel trade, in order to increase awareness and drive sales.

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